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Sponsorships start at $200.00

Image of Sponsorships start at $200.00


Sponsor WES for a day, a week, a year - you choose!

Sponsorships start at $200.00, which covers expenses associated with us being ready - on stand-by for emergency calls, plus the costs of responding to at least three wildlife calls.

Sponsorships include: Sponsor's name (last name, company, etc.) on responders' uniforms (with sponsorships of $400.00 or more). Mention of sponsor in publications, such as our blog, news stories, etc. Credit on any rescue video produced. Personalized copy of rescue video and photographs (if any).

Wildlife Emergency Services (WES) is a 501(c)(3) program based in California, offering 24/7 assistance with emergencies involving sick, injured, orphaned, trapped, or otherwise imperiled wildlife.